Revving Up for the King: Exploring Elvis Presley’s Speedway Movie

**Short answer elvis movie speedway:** Speedway is a 1968 musical film starring Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra, and Bill Bixby. The movie features car racing scenes filmed at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. It was produced by MGM and directed by Norman Taurog. Despite being one of the highest-grossing movies of that year, it received mixed reviews from critics.

Elvis Movie Speedway: Step-by-Step Guide to Filmmaking Perfection

Elvis Presley was one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood and his movies are celebrated as some of the finest examples of filmmaking. Among his many films, Speedway stands out as a true gem for its charming storylines, foot-stomping music, and exhilarating car races. For budding filmmakers out there, we have pooled together expert insights and our own experience to present you with a step-by-step guide on how to achieve filmmaking perfection just like Elvis did in Speedway.


The first stage in any film project is pre-production where crucial decisions on storyline development, casting choices, budgeting, location scouting among others are made. In Speedway’s case finding the right director brought about an incredible synergy between him and Elvis that resulted in repeat collaborations which could be said led to their success at the box office arena.


In cast selection besides viable acting abilities it adds great value if your talent can sing or play musical instruments as this movie expertise attests shows goodwill by speedway advancing Elvis’s strong brand image capabilities along your marketing strategy efforts too.

Location Scouting & Set Design

Scouring through various locations’ checks off another important task from upcoming production logistical planning; especially when scanning extensive sites such as circuits used during NASCARS championship racing events requires rigorous researching work. Forset scenes ensure authenticity while pictorial car sound stages simulate adrenaline-packed driving sequences allowing actors perform safely-in-door scenarios thereby reducing unnecessary injury risks hazards undeniably;

Budget Planning

Understandably setting up budgets early enough highlights all financial labor investments needed beginning from small-scale projects details infrastructure maintenance costs mostly peripheral man-power expenses outlining these ensures accountability transparency within entire cast crew members involved standards safe-filming techniques ethical practice codes

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Recording Equipment

A good camera operator knows how-to keep-up when capturing fast-moving race cars footage filmed moments perfect exemplified here graphics installation multiple lenses versatility modes filter selections enhance picture quality audio-sound management score editing post-production tweaks add-on final finishing touches complement team processing create an exceptional product output on budget for the public’s satisfaction


The exciting part of filmmaking happens during post-production where individual pieces are put together into a seamless flow, adding visual and sound effects as well as color adjustments. In Speedway to achieve this all-time classic three editors perpetually worked round-the-clock meticulously securing perfection offering timely soundtracks yet remaining technologically savvy ahead-of-time.

Distribution & Marketing

While Distribution may take some time most producers must spend before movie’s release date ensuring worldwide audience exposure through various traditional media platforms thereby fulfilling marketing objectives simultaneously

In conclusion “Speedway” is a perfect example of how great music, riveting storylines can inspire exhibitors directors alike unlock hard-work genius creativity codes within existing successful works taking full advantage unique opportunities while incorporating emerging trends technologies still honor greatest classical productions inspirations

Filmmaking isn’t rocket science but trust us when we say it’s no walk in the park either. With proper planning, clear goals, and meticulous execution

Elvis Movie Speedway FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, was not only a musical icon but also an accomplished actor with more than 30 films to his name. One of his lesser-known movies is Speedway, released in 1968.

Here’s everything you need to know about this overlooked gem!

What is the plot of Speedway?

Speedway tells the story of Steve Grayson (played by Elvis), a racing driver who needs money to save his struggling race team. He agrees to drive hot dogs from a Chicago factory to Texas in record time for sponsorship money. Along the way, he falls in love with IRS agent Susan Jacks (Nancy Sinatra) who is investigating him for tax evasion.

Is Speedway considered one of Elvis’ best movies?

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While it may not be as well-known as some of his other films such as Jailhouse Rock or Blue Hawaii, fans consider Speedway to be one of Elvis’ most enjoyable movies. It features great music numbers like “Let Yourself Go” and “Your Groovy Self,” along with exciting racing scenes that showcase Presley’s undeniable charisma.

Did Elvis do his own stunts?

While it’s unclear exactly which stunts Presley performed himself on set due to insurance reasons, we do know that he was passionate about cars and motorsports in real life. In fact, he owned several motorcycles and loved participating in races whenever possible.

Who else starred alongside Elvis in Speedway?

In addition to Nancy Sinatra playing opposite Presley as Susan Jacks, actors Bill Bixby (known for The Incredible Hulk TV series) and Gale Gordon (starred on The Lucy Show) play supporting roles.

Were there any memorable behind-the-scenes moments during filming?

One fun fact about filming Speedway involves a scene where Presley has trouble getting out of bed after being drugged by rival drivers trying to sabotage him. Apparently, director Norman Taurog had doubts acting-wise that Elvis could convincingly show the effects of being drugged. So, Stanley Kubrick (yes, that Stanley Kubrick!) was called in to assist with coaching Presley on how to play a strong yet subtle reaction.

Is Speedway worth watching today?

Absolutely! Despite some outdated elements and cheesy moments common in many films from the late 60s/early 70s eras, Speedway still holds up as an entertaining movie. With catchy songs, thrilling chase scenes and lots of Elvis charm throughout, fans of The King will find plenty to enjoy about this fast-paced tale.

In conclusion

While it may be overlooked compared to some of his other movies, there’s no denying that Elvis’ Speedway is a fun ride for both racing enthusiasts and music lovers alike! Whether you’re discovering it for the first time or re-watching it again after years away from the screen, we hope this FAQ has given you all the information you need before taking your next cinematic journey with The King.

Why Everyone Should Watch Elvis’ Iconic Film, Speedway

Elvis Presley was an icon of his time, known for his incredible voice, charismatic personality, and undeniable flair for entertainment. As a musician, he was known to push boundaries and break barriers in the music industry – but did you know that he also had a successful career as an actor?

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One of Elvis’s most iconic films is Speedway. Released in 1968, this movie tells the story of a race car driver named Steve Grayson who is struggling to save his racing team from financial ruin. Along the way, he meets Susan Jacks (played by Nancy Sinatra), a tax examiner sent to audit his business affairs. Of course, romantic sparks fly between them – but this film has so much more than just a run-of-the-mill love story.

First and foremost: if you’re looking for action-packed thrills and high-speed hijinks… look no further than Speedway! This film features some truly remarkable racing scenes that will have your heart racing along with the cars on screen. It’s no exaggeration to say that these races are genuinely thrilling – they’re expertly choreographed and filmed with such precision that you’ll feel like you’re right there on the track alongside Elvis himself.

But perhaps even more impressive than its adrenaline-pumping races is Speedway’s incredible soundtrack. One of Elvis’ greatest strengths as an artist was his ability to blend different musical styles together into something unique and unforgettable—he proved it once again in this film recording original tracks from legends such as Billy Strange Mike Post And Joe South that keep us entertained throughout!

And let’s not forget about Elvis himself – after all, he wasn’t just cast in this movie because of his good looks alone. The King proves yet again what made him one of a kind—his charisma shines through every scene where fans can appreciate both sides; serious male lead character versus playful entertainer side providing plenty fun moments for everyone tuning watching long distance.

All things considered, there’s no denying that Speedway is a must-watch film for any fan of music, action, and romance. Elvis Presley’s iconic movie will take you on a wild ride through the world of racing while showcasing his undeniable talent and charm. Whether you’re an avid follower of classic Hollywood cinema or just looking for something new to watch, don’t miss out on this timeless piece of entertainment!

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