Rev Up Your Stay: Top Hotels Near Kansas Speedway

Short answer hotels close to Kansas Speedway:

Located in Kansas City, KS, there are several hotel options within close proximity to the Kansas Speedway. Some of the closest include the Hampton Inn Kansas City-Village West, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kansas City – Bonner Springs, and Comfort Suites Speedway – Kansas City.
Step-by-Step Guide: Booking Hotels Near Kansas Speedway

Step 1: Research

The first and most crucial step is researching. You need to know where you want to stay, what your budget is, and how close you want to be located near the Kansas Speedway. Some online platforms such as offer competitive rates from a broad range of hotels within different price ranges and reviews from guests who have stayed there before.

Step 2: Look for hotels that are close by

When searching for available hotels near the track, look for accommodation that offers easy access to as low travel time as possible. Hotels no more than ten miles away from Kansas Speedway would work perfectly since driving time during race day traffic can be challenging.

Step 3: Check out hotel amenities

After narrowing down some potential stays, go ahead and check out their respective websites or read guests’ reviews about existing amenities. Keeping in mind quality internet service when working remotely or air conditioning during summer months’ among other comfort necessities should be part of preferences.

Step 4: Compare prices

Once you settle few hotels that meet fundamental requirements such as proximity and selected amenities, comparing prices like while utilizing third-party platforms such as Expedia or Kayak could come in handy in determining where one gets value for money spent; don’t forget discount/bundles options too!

Step 5: Book Early

Before clicking “Book now” set up an account on any online booking platform if none was existing then proceed by filling in necessary details – those contained personal data both accurate exchangeable contacts hence avoiding disappointment occasioned by lack of rooms at preferred hotels. By reserving a stay in advance, you are more likely to secure your spot as space could be filled up closer to the dates of the event.

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In conclusion, following this guide will give you a chance to plan and attend a race or event at the Kansas Speedway without having to worry about where and how you’ll sleep far from home. It simplifies things based on price range, desired comfort amenities, geographical location relative to attractions worth visiting during offs too as it expands motivation for adventure beyond the tracks’ experience only. Book early while securing available options like discounted offers will guarantee that you not only have an enjoyable time but also save some money!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels Close to Kansas Speedway

Kansas Speedway is a favorite destination for racing enthusiasts and travelers visiting Kansas City. The world-class motorsports venue offers exciting events year-round, including NASCAR and ARCA races, concerts, and other fun-filled activities. As the popularity of the speedway continues to grow, so does the demand for comfortable and convenient lodging options near the venue. In this article, we’ll answer some frequent questions about hotels close to Kansas Speedway to help you plan your next race weekend.

1) How far are hotels from Kansas Speedway?
There are several hotel options located less than 2 miles away from the speedway. Some popular choices include Great Wolf Lodge, Hampton Inn Kansas City Village West, and Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.

2) What amenities do hotels near Kansas Speedway offer?
Many local hotels provide excellent amenities for visitors attending an event at the speedway. These can include complimentary breakfasts, fitness centers, swimming pools, shuttle services to/from events at the speedway or nearby attractions such as Schlitterbahn Waterpark and LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

3) How much do hotels near Kansas Speedway cost?
Hotel prices vary depending on factors such as location, availability during major events of nearby demands (for example- summer months). However; they usually range from around $90-$200/nightly

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4) Are there any pet-friendly accommodations near Kansas Speedway?
Yes! Many hotels near the speedway welcome furry friends with open arms! While some may charge additional fees upon arrival.

5) Is it necessary to book my hotel in advance before going to see a race/recent event?
During summer months when big events are happening (or schedules are released ahead of time), reserving your spot with a hotel is crucial because sleep accommodations can run low fairly quickly. On non-race weekends or other offseason times like weekdays; though not essential as many rooms will be vacantlessening price points.

6) Can I make reservations at a hotel near Kansas Speedway online?
Yes, many hotels located nearby offer easy online booking accommodations to provide convenience for visitors. Just visit the hotel’s website or use a third-party booking platform like or

In conclusion, whether you’re in town for an exciting race weekend or simply looking to enjoy some quality time with family and friends, finding great lodging near Kansas Speedway is easier than ever with a multitude of options available. With excellent amenities and reasonable prices (depending on timing and personal preferences), it’s no wonder that so many travelers choose to stay close-by at any one of the various conveniently located locations when visiting the speedway.

Top Hotel Options for Racing Fans Near Kansas Speedway

Racing is an exciting and adrenaline-fueled sport that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a memorable experience, Kansas Speedway is the place to be! Situated in Kansas City, KS, this state-of-the-art racing facility boasts of hosting some of the most thrilling motorsports events in America.

As a racing enthusiast, finding accommodation close to the Kansas Speedway can make all the difference in your trip. Luckily, there are several top-notch hotels available that promise comfortable lodgings along with convenient access to the speedway. Here are some of our favorite hotel options for racing fans near Kansas Speedway:

1. Hampton Inn Kansas City Village West: Located just a stone’s throw away from Kansas Speedway, this hotel offers guests comfortable rooms equipped with all modern amenities. Besides its proximity to the speedway, it’s also within walking distance from restaurants like Yard House and Dave & Buster’s – ideal for enjoying delicious meals before or after race day.

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2. Candlewood Suites-Kansas City Speedway: A popular choice among travelers and local residents alike, this pet-friendly hotel features spacious suites with full kitchens – perfect if you require more space or want to indulge in a home-cooked meal during your stay. The property is located near top local attractions such as Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Legends Outlets Mall.

3. Great Wolf Lodge: If you are traveling with children who love racing as much as you do – this indoor water park resort might be just what you’re looking for! With fun activities on offer ranging from mini-golfing to arcade games – there’s no downtime between races that will leave anyone bored during their stay. It’s great family option nearby featuring water slides and pools where kids (and adults) can cool off after cheering their favorite drivers at the speedway.

4. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites: This hotel offers clean modern rooms, complimentary breakfasts, and a shuttle service to the Kansas Speedway. What’s more, this hotel is also within walking distance of several restaurants along with shopping options such as Cabela’s sports and outdoors store.

5. Best Western Premier KC Speedway Inn & Suites: Touted as one of the top choices for travelers staying near the Kansas Speedway – this modern hotel promises all the amenities any guest would need for an exceptional stay. With comfortable king-sized beds, high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, a fitness center, and an indoor pool – relaxation is right at your fingertips. The property also offers freebies like a hot breakfast buffet and airport shuttle services.

In conclusion, there are countless accommodation options to choose from when it comes to finding lodgings near Kansas Speedway in Kansas City. However, our top picks offer unique experiences that range from fun-filled resorts to comfortable hotels with all amenities you’ll need for your trip- making them some of the best choices on offer!

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