Driving and Putting: Exploring the Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Short answer: Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a public 18-hole golf course located within the famous racing facility. Designed in 1929, it stretches across more than 200 acres of rolling hills, woods, and lakes. The course has received numerous accolades for its challenging play and scenic views.

Step-by-Step Guide: Playing a Round of Golf at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Golf is a fantastic sport that can take you to some of the most beautiful places on earth. But what if I told you there’s a golf course as unique as any other in the world? Yes, it’s true – The Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers players the opportunity to play 18 holes while surrounded by history and visceral racing spirit!

But before hitting your first tee shot, here’s a step-by-step guide on playing a round of golf at this legendary speedway.

Step 1: Book Your Tee Time

Booking your tee time online ensures that you get an appropriate slot of your choice; otherwise, the Golf Course will be booked pretty much every day between April and October. It’s recommended that you book at least three months in advance for optimal availability.

Step 2: Arrive Early

Give yourself ample time to arrive via gate 2 or gate10- available exclusively for IMS members/guests. Before teeing off, stop by their pro shop to rent golf clubs or order drinks/food from their fully stocked restaurant/bar which overlooks several holes with incredible views!

Step 3: Get Familiar With the Course & Observe Proper Etiquette :

The Brickyard Crossing Golf Club boasts four holes inside IMS’ oval-shaped track (holes #7 through #10). These four have been used since former racer Willy T Ribbs played them in his stock car back in ’93 hence commonly known as ‘Willy T Ribbs Section’ Tourists can enjoy directional markers strategically placed all over the surrounding grounds so they know where too close shots land; beside displaying proper conduct when our seasoned caddies pass along pertinent course details without fail throughout gameplay such as Greens conditions particular playsheets etcetera…

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Step 4 : Warm-up Session

Before hitting actual shots towards various greens positioned statically around front straightaway short chute entrances hopping off marquee racetrack corners ,get warmed up at the adjacent driving range where practice sessions mimic your actual game-play scenarios. The Driving Range offers various clubs, mats or grass hitting options.

Step 5 : Tee Off

You’ll be playing on an unusual but magnificent course that was built over sprawling interior of a natural racetrack arena; kick it off with some downhill shots from the number one tee right next to their impressive restaurant and patio area which provides a panoramic view of all finishing holes eighteenth green being most enthralling for catching thrilling finishes through finish line’s pagoda .

Step 6: Enjoy Your Round

As you play your way around this landmark Golf Course comprising18 championship caliber holes, make sure to take in incredible sights like iconic ‘Gasoline Alley’ Pit-lane machinery garage & even Indy’s signature yard of bricks – which serve as stepping stones between fairways bordering speedway racecourse track , making every hole here unique experience unto itself nonetheless do not forget to pay respect to fellow players by maintaining ethical golf etiquette throughout gameplay while leveraging every chance for pictures preserving memories forever!

In Conclusion :


FAQ About the Unique Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is widely known for its iconic racetrack and rich history of motorsports. However, what most people don’t know is that this famous speedway also boasts an incredible 9-hole golf course located inside the track.

As a cutting-edge combination of sports and entertainment, the Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers golfers from all over the world access to one of America’s most unique courses. Yet despite its growing popularity amongst avid golfers and racing enthusiasts alike, there are still many questions surrounding this truly exceptional course.

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In order to clarify some common doubts held by those who may be interested in playing a round or two on these greens, we’ve compiled this informative Q&A about The Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

How Long Is The Golf Course?

At par-35 with a total length of approximately 3,700 yards on nine holes, our golf course isn’t necessarily lengthy compared to other top courses around the country. However, what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for with spectacular views and memorable challenges tucked right into the heart of Indy’s legendary racecourse!

What Makes This Golf Course So Special?

One word: location. Built as part of an expansive renovation project back in 2015 designed to add “new amenities” alongside IMS’ already bustling event schedule long before any COVID delayed it; few places can offer such breathtaking vistas and distinctive landscaping as our innovative facility nestled within NASCAR curves! Featuring towering grandstands, majestic fountains spraying water high above your head after each hole (as well as massive themed sand traps just begging for visits) – every golfer who steps foot onto our hallowed grounds will feel like they’re living out their dreams somewhere perfectly balanced between land-based recreation and high-octane maneuvering.

Is It Open To Public Play?

Yes! Though typically used frequently during special events throughout much of May through July when races dominate the calendar, The Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway also entertains a limited number of tee times to both non-members and visitors when events aren’t taking center stage! So whether you’re just visiting Indy with your family, entertaining clients whilst on business or want to combine all the thrills in one package – this is where you come!

What Is The Cost To Play At The Golf Course?

As can often be expected from playing anywhere near such prestigious real estate, pricing being at par with industry-leading rates is hardly abnormal. However, we always facilitate competitive rate flexibility in order to ensure everyone who wants to test their skills gets a fair chance to experience IMS’ golfing marvels for themselves!

Do You Have A Pro Shop?

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Of course! Our fully-stocked pro shop offers everything from apparel lines reflecting decades of racing accomplishments right through rare collectibles that showcase our iconic past (and present) history as purveyors of horsepower and speed supremacy.

Is It Difficult To Secure Tee Times During Events And Race Days?

Although during peak season availability can sometimes become restricted based upon competing schedules

Why You Need to Experience Golfing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Course

Golfing is an activity that has been around for centuries and has gained popularity over time across the world. It’s a sport that requires not just physical strength but also mental acuity, precision, patience, and strategy.

But what happens when you combine golf with one of the pillars of American motorsports? Welcome to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Golf Course!

The iconic racetrack was designed in 1909 by Carl G. Fisher as America’s first racing speedway. Over time it has become synonymous with various motor races like IndyCar Series’ Indianapolis 500 & The Brickyard 400 events.

However, during the offseason, after the racecars have taken their final laps on its renowned track comes yet another attraction -the stunningly beautiful Pete Dye-designed golf course. To say it’s a unique experience would be an understatement; imagine driving your ball along areas where corner turns are usually located while hearing engines roaring from afar- Try beating that adrenaline rush!

Playing at IMS’ par-72 championship-level course is indeed exhilarating -it measures up to 7,438 yards (for those who dare) and boasts undulating Bentgrass greens supported by Kentucky bluegrass fairways extending beyond sand bunkers lining each hole.

But don’t let that intimidate you even if you are still polishing up your beginner status or looking to take out corporate clients for some networking pleasure—IMS’ practice facility provides ample space for anyone wishing to work on their swing before they hit the main course.

What’s more? Whether you’re coming solo or accompanied by company groups large enough exceeding twenty; Toptracer range technology makes it easier than ever to perfect and analyze swings better – adding fun interaction games helps turn up team-building efforts two-fold; all this while sipping off indulging drinks post-round at Sultans Run Bar & Patio.

Lastly: did we mention how refreshing it feels playing golf under full sunshine during summer and enjoying the vibrant foliage during autumn? We assure you that Indiana’s ever-changing weather yields every golfer’s dream course – one they can visit all year round!

In conclusion, whether for a weekend getaway or extended vacation plans; Indianapolis Motor Speedway golf course offers an experience unlike any other! Adding this to your golfing bucket-list is crucial- Who knows, with constant practice rounds on Pete Dye’s beautiful design; heading over to “The Masters” might be where you are headed next.

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