Rev Up Your Finances with Speedway First Bankcard: A Comprehensive Guide

Short answer Speedway first bankcard: The Speedway First Bankcard is a credit card program offered by First National Bank of Omaha, in partnership with the convenience store chain, Speedway. It offers rewards and benefits for users who frequently make purchases at Speedway locations.

Benefits of using the Speedway First Bankcard – FAQs answered

Are you looking for a credit card that can make every purchase rewarding? Look no further than the Speedway First Bankcard! This credit card not only makes shopping easier, it also offers many benefits to its users. In this blog, we explore some of the key features of the Speedway First Bankcard and answer frequently asked questions about this popular financial product.

1. What is the Speedway First Bankcard?

The Speedway First Bankcard is a credit card offered by First National Bank of Omaha in partnership with This particular version of the bank’s Visa Credit Card comes with all the standard features combined with exclusive rewards designed specifically for Fuel Rewards members who use their Speedy Rewards® MasterCard provided by Comenity Capital; these bonuses include instant savings on fuel purchases at participating gas stations across America!

2. How does The Speedway First BankCard work?

Just like any other credit card, using The Speedway First BankCard requires an application process which includes providing personal and financial information such as your social security number and income amount among others then once approved customers receive statements outlining each activity made when paying goods or services over time along with any corresponding benefits or rewards depending upon each issuer’s specific offerings.

3. What are some Key Features customers enjoy from using The Speedway first


One major feature that sets The Speedway First BankCard apart from other cards is its connection to participating retail stores where instant discounts apply during transactions; This allows them earn unlimited rewards points per dollar spent and get five times more points spending on qualifying restaurants – just two examples out there exploring what it means having a true Cash Generating Gadget tool while utilizing these opportunities bravely without worrying cumbersome limitations nor extra fees charged!

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Additional features include:

– No annual fee
– Fraud protection
– Zero liability protection
– Free online account management tools including digital bill pay options

4.How to Redeeming Benefits/Rewards earned via using The Speedway first BANKCARD:

Cardholders can redeem their rewards points for a host of fantastic benefits! Some popular options include gift cards, merchandise, travel packages and statement credit towards balances.

5. How do i qualify to apply?

To be eligible for The Speedway First Bankcard, you must have good credit and meet other minimum eligibility requirements. You would need more details by contacting direct customer service offered in the card issuer’s official site presently if it’s availability within your area

In summary, there are countless reasons why the Speedway First Bankcard is a smart choice for frequent shoppers looking to make the most of every purchase they make. From instant savings at partnering fuel stations to exclusive rewards programs available through this financial product – there’s something here guaranteed to suit everyone’s preferences and wants; So what are you waiting? Apply now – activate today – start enjoying benefits tomorrow!

Maximize your rewards with the Speedway First Bankcard: Tips and tricks

Looking for a credit card that offers great rewards on gasoline purchases? Look no further than the Speedway First Bankcard! This credit card is specifically designed to help you maximize your rewards every time you fill up at any Speedway gas station across the United States.

But how do you get the most out of this valuable plastic companion? Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting all the perks it has to offer.

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1) Make Sure You’re Earning Rewards
Before heading out, double-check what kinds of reward points or cash back opportunities are available with your first bankcard. With the Speedway First Bankcard, users can earn 50 cents off per gallon for their first month and then continue earning 10 cents off per gallon for each $100 spent on gas.

2) Use The Card On Groceries Too
Aside from earning fuel discounts with each use in Speedways stations, utilizing this card’s benefits outside of fuel consumption can be beneficial too. Users will also receive 5% cash-back on groceries when shopping between January through March; others have flat rates for supermarkets year-round

3) Know When To Redeem Your Points
With such enticing rewards provided by Speedway First Bankcard, it’s tempting to redeem as soon as possible– but wait! Some items increase in value over time while automatic redemptions come at a fixed amount regardless of appreciation. Hold onto your reward points until there’s an item marked down (thus increasing its value), especially something long-term like Selecta-Merchandise certificates!

4) Take Advantage Of Special Offers
Speedway frequently sends special offers via email or mail-in which customers could qualify if they meet certain conditions using their providing banking system.

By following these simple guidelines & maximizing one’s own usage plan ideally tailored for themselves bestows not only discounted fuel costs but added bonuses unimaginable elsewhere: making smart choices pays dividends extending beyond savings alone – so start planning ways to maximize Speedway First Bankcard’s usefulness today!

The perks of owning a Speedway First Bankcard: Exclusive offers and promotions

Speedway First Bankcard is a credit card that comes with exclusive offers and promotions, making it one of the most sought-after cards in the market. If you’re considering owning one, here are some of the perks you can expect to enjoy:

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1. Fuel Rewards Program

With Speedway First Bankcard, you get access to an excellent rewards program where for every dollar spent on gas at any Speedway location earns you 50 points. With each gallon purchased earning five cents off per gallon in fuel discounts when claiming rewards through your Speedy Reward account.

2. Discounts and Offers

As a First Bankcard owner, you also get exclusive discounts and special offers through various retailers including entertainment venues like theme parks or movie theaters which allows us who own this card something more out of our purchases other than just cashback or reward points based redemption.

3. No Annual Fee

Unlike many other credit cards that burden consumers with annual fees simply for holding them; Whether using costly financing methods such as line-of-credit transactions if requried these types will still come without extra costs associated beyond these optional features! The speedway first bankcard has no yearly fee whatsoever, so those who use their credit responsibly don’t need to pay an additional cost towards already saving money!

4. Security & Fraud Protection

With advanced security measures such as chip technology ensuring secure payment processing transactions all while maintaining privacy – users won’t have to worry about unauthorized spending with top-of-the-line fraud protection . It’s not only peace of mind but equipped into today’s ever-changing financial landscape protecting against identity thefts too!

5. Exclusive Access To Concert Pre-Sales –

First Bankcard owners can take advantage of gaining early seated selection before everyone else during presale promotions (if relavent) giving exclusivity when needed by cutting waiting lines short .

In conclusion, owning a Speedway First BankCard provides its holders exciting benefits beyond what typical plastic can offer alone! From concierge customer services, exclusive deals and access to pre-sale events one doesn’t have to miss out on with Speedway first bankcard rights – helping ensuring added value for most business transactions. Plus, even more importantly; managing risks associated within today’s uncertain banking environments we face from day-to-day activities!

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